Research List Alphabetical by TITLE

ID Number Title Author
4MA-69.1 1976 Elections: Mandate for people’s action Gus Hall
4SH-72 1984 Elections and the CPUSA
4MA-70 88 Elections Summing up and Setting Course James Steele
3PA-58 A Dictionary of Communist English James D Bates
4P-73 A Lame Duck in Turbulent Waters Gus Hall
3K-38 A Primer for Communism George W Cronyn
8P-48 A Proposal for Democratically Financed Congressional Elections Ben Senturia
3B-40 A Short History of the United States Mary Platt Parmele
3K-223 After Reagan What A Conference of the Committee for the Free World
3B-260 Basic Communism It’s Rise, Spread and Debacle in the 20th Century Clarence B Carson
3P-74 Behind the Plot to Sovietize the South Joseph Kamp
3PA-74 Behind the Plot to Sovietize the South Joseph Kamp
7JA-33 Berkeley/Activits stat working on liberalspirituality Joe Garofoli
1K-256 Biblical Solutions to Contporary Problems A Handbook Russ Walton
3CA-233 Black Lawyers National Conference
6K-264 Black Protest History Docments and Analysis 1619 to the present Joanne Grant
8K-265 Black Worker in the Deep South Hosea Hudson
8K-216 Building America The Democratic promise of public work Harry C Boyte and Nancy N Kari
1B-1 Christ ‘s Alterantive to Communism E. Stanley Jones
3PA-28 Communism A plan for World Conquest Reuben Maury
3PA-7 Communism and Race in America Herbert A. Philbrick & James D Bales
6K-267 Communism Today Douglas Hyde
1K-37 communist america must it be Dr Billy James Hargis
2KJA-19 Communist Psychological Warfare Edward Hunter
4K-281 Communists and Social Democrats V Vasin, S Gribanov & I Undasynov
3K-106 Communists in the Democratic Party
3K-61 Comrade Obama unmasked Cliff Kincaid
4P-275 Concerning the 50th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China
3K-209 Cover Up the art and science of political deception David M. Bresnahan
3KA-209 Cover Up the art and science of political deception David M. Bresnahan
4NWC-42 Creating an heir to the soviet communist party Peoples Weekly World
8MC-234 Crossroads no 28 WEB DuBois feature
8K-228 Cultural Politics and Social Movements
4K-64 Current Problems of he Communist Movement y. Zhilin
1CA-10 Defense of Culture Wars Ecumenical Jihad
8K-220 Dissent on Trial The story of a political life William Schneiderman
7J-35 editorial by M Lerner Tikkun NSP origins Michael Lehrner
7P-232 Energy Bibliography annotated
3P-283 Espionage: The Dark Side of Detente John Barron
8K-266 Essays in the History of the American Negro Herbert Aptheker
6P-249 Fifteen Years of Espionage Paul M Joyal
6K-270 Firing Line Drugs and Freedom Dr. Thomas Szasz
6K-269 Firing Line Genocide Stalin’s Purge of the Thirties Robert Conquest
6K-272 Firing Line The education of Eldridge Cleaver Eldridge Cleaver
6K-273 Firing Line The End of Education Edward Quinn and Geoffrey Wagner
6K-271 Firing Line The Vision of Solzhenitsyn Malcolm Muggeridge and Bernard Levin
1K-229 Five Lies of the Century David T Moore
1K-252 Forbidden Secrets Gregory Thompson
4JA-59 Forging the weapon A handbook for members of the Communist Party Brian Reid
4JH-59 Forging the weapon A handbook for members of the Communist Party Brian Reid
4JT-59 Forging the weapon A handbook for members of the Communist Party Brian Reid
4NDC-44 Gorbachev Tied to Zhirinovsky? Fred Hiatt
7K-218 Government Growth Americas no1 growth industry Stephen Moore
8H-107 Gramsci’s Marxism Carl Boggs
8K-107 Gramsci’s Marxism Carl Boggs
3K-214 Hands off the Panama Canal Isaac Don Levine
4K-276 Highlights of a Fighting History 60 Years of the Commun ist Party USA
4P-279 How a Communist Club Functions Daniel Rubin
4CA-55 How Parliament can play a revolutionary part in the transition to socialism and the role of the popular masses Jan Kozak
4JA-55 How Parliament can play a revolutionary part in the transition to socialism and the role of the popular masses Jan Kozak
4JH-55 How Parliament can play a revolutionary part in the transition to socialism and the role of the popular masses Jan Kozak
4PA-8 How Socialism Will Come To America Communist Party
3K-226 I Chose Freedom Victor Kravchenko
3B-109 I Led Three Lives Herbert Philbrick
8K-105 Ideology, Culture, and the process of schooling Henry A. Giroux
4PMX-111 Information Bulletin 1969 – 19/20
4PMX-112 Information Bulletin 1969 – 21/22
4PMX-113 Information Bulletin 1969 – 23
4PMX-114 Information Bulletin 1969 – 24
4PMX-115 Information Bulletin 1970 – 1/2
4PMX-121 Information Bulletin 1970 – 10
4PMX-122 Information Bulletin 1970 – 11
4PMX-117 Information Bulletin 1970 – 117
4PMX-123 Information Bulletin 1970 – 12
4PMX-124 Information Bulletin 1970 – 13/14
4PMX-125 Information Bulletin 1970 – 15/16
4PMX-126 Information Bulletin 1970 – 17/18
4PMX-127 Information Bulletin 1970 – 19
4PMX-128 Information Bulletin 1970 – 20
4PMX-129 Information Bulletin 1970 – 21
4PMX-130 Information Bulletin 1970 – 22
4PMX-131 Information Bulletin 1970 – 23/24
4PMX-116 Information Bulletin 1970 – 3
4PMX-118 Information Bulletin 1970 – 7
4PMX-119 Information Bulletin 1970 – 8
4PMX-120 Information Bulletin 1970 – 9
4PMX-132 Information Bulletin 1971 – 1
4PMX-136 Information Bulletin 1971 – 10/11
4PMX-137 Information Bulletin 1971 – 12/13
4PMX-138 Information Bulletin 1971 – 14/15
4PMX-139 Information Bulletin 1971 – 16/17
4PMX-140 Information Bulletin 1971 – 18/19
4PMX-133 Information Bulletin 1971 – 2
4PMX-141 Information Bulletin 1971 – 20
4PMX-142 Information Bulletin 1971 – 21/22
4PMX-143 Information Bulletin 1971 – 23/24
4PMX-134 Information Bulletin 1971 – 3/4
4PMX-135 Information Bulletin 1971 – 9
4PMX-144 Information Bulletin 1972 – 1/2
4PMX-148 Information Bulletin 1972 – 10/11
4PMX-149 Information Bulletin 1972 – 12
4PMX-150 Information Bulletin 1972 – 13/14
4PMX-151 Information Bulletin 1972 – 15
4PMX-152 Information Bulletin 1972 – 16/17
4PMX-153 Information Bulletin 1972 – 18/19
4PMX-154 Information Bulletin 1972 – 20
4PMX-155 Information Bulletin 1972 – 21/22
4PMX-145 Information Bulletin 1972 – 4/5
4PMX-146 Information Bulletin 1972 – 6/7
4PMX-147 Information Bulletin 1972 – 8/9
4PMX-157 Information Bulletin 1973 – 1
4PMX-164 Information Bulletin 1973 – 10
4PMX-165 Information Bulletin 1973 – 11/12
4PMX-166 Information Bulletin 1973 – 13/14
4PMX-167 Information Bulletin 1973 – 15/16
4PMX-168 Information Bulletin 1973 – 17/18
4PMX-169 Information Bulletin 1973 – 19
4PMX-158 Information Bulletin 1973 – 2
4PMX-170 Information Bulletin 1973 – 20
4PMX-171 Information Bulletin 1973 – 21
4PMX-172 Information Bulletin 1973 – 22
4PMX-156 Information Bulletin 1973 – 23/24
4PMX-173 Information Bulletin 1973 – 23/24
4PMX-159 Information Bulletin 1973 – 3
4PMX-160 Information Bulletin 1973 – 4/5
4PMX-161 Information Bulletin 1973 – 6
4PMX-162 Information Bulletin 1973 – 7
4PMX-163 Information Bulletin 1973 – 8/9
4PMX-174 Information Bulletin 1974 – 1/2
4PMX-180 Information Bulletin 1974 – 11/12
4PMX-181 Information Bulletin 1974 – 13/14
4PMX-182 Information Bulletin 1974 – 19
4PMX-175 Information Bulletin 1974 – 3
4PMX-176 Information Bulletin 1974 – 4
4PMX-177 Information Bulletin 1974 – 5/6
4PMX-178 Information Bulletin 1974 – 7/8
4PMX-179 Information Bulletin 1974 – 9/10
4PMX-76 Information Bulletin 1974 no 15
4PMX-77 Information Bulletin 1974 no 16
4PMX-78 Information Bulletin 1974 no 17.
4PMX-79 Information Bulletin 1974 no 18
4PMX-80 Information Bulletin 1974 no 20-21
4PMX-183 Information Bulletin 1975 – 20/21
4PMX-184 Information Bulletin 1975 – 22
4PMX-185 Information Bulletin 1975 – 23
4PMX-85 Information Bulletin 1975 no 10
4PMX-86 Information Bulletin 1975 no 11
4PMX-87 Information Bulletin 1975 no 12-13
4PMX-88 Information Bulletin 1975 no 14
4PMX-89 Information Bulletin 1975 no 15
4PMX-90 Information Bulletin 1975 no 18
4PMX-91 Information Bulletin 1975 no 19
4PMX-81 Information Bulletin 1975 no 4
4PMX-82 Information Bulletin 1975 no 5.
4PMX-83 Information Bulletin 1975 no 8
4PMX-84 Information Bulletin 1975 no 9
4PMX-200 Information Bulletin 1976 – 1
4PMX-192 Information Bulletin 1976 – 10
4PMX-193 Information Bulletin 1976 – 11
4PMX-194 Information Bulletin 1976 – 12
4PMX-195 Information Bulletin 1976 – 13
4PMX-196 Information Bulletin 1976 – 15/16
4PMX-197 Information Bulletin 1976 – 17
4PMX-198 Information Bulletin 1976 – 18
4PMX-199 Information Bulletin 1976 – 21
4PMX-201 Information Bulletin 1976 – 22
4PMX-188 Information Bulletin 1976 – 5/6
4PMX-189 Information Bulletin 1976 – 7
4PMX-190 Information Bulletin 1976 – 8
4PMX-191 Information Bulletin 1976 – 9
4PM-186 Information Bulletin 1976 – Special Edition no 1
4PM-187 Information Bulletin 1976 – Special Edition no 3
4PMX-94 Information Bulletin 1976 no 14.
4PMX-95 Information Bulletin 1976 no 19
4PMX-92 Information Bulletin 1976 no 2
4PMX-97 Information Bulletin 1976 no 23-24
4PMX-96 Information Bulletin 1976 no20
4PMX-93 Information Bulletin 1976 no3
4PMX-204 Information Bulletin 1977 – 11
4PMX-205 Information Bulletin 1977 – 12
4PMX-202 Information Bulletin 1977 – 2
4PMX-203 Information Bulletin 1977 – 3
4PMX-98 Information Bulletin 1977 no 1
4PMX-99 Information Bulletin 1977 no 4
4PMX-100 Information Bulletin 1980 no 23-24.
4PM-102 Information Bulletin April 1981
4PM-101 Information Bulletin March1981
5RMA-45 Jack D’s research for Dr Paul
4NWA-30.5 Labor was key in turning Ohio, and US blue Rick Nagin
4CH-73 Lame Duck Highlighted (a few pages) Gus Hall
2KCA-18 Language as a Communist Weapon Comm on Un American Activities
4K-222 Lenin on Peaceful Coexistence V I Lenin
4K-280 Leninism and the Leading Role of the Communist Party Raicho Pishev
8P-5 Leninsim: Rationale of Party Dictatorship Bernard A Ramundo
6B-246 Masters of Political Thought vol no 1 Michael B Foster
6B-247 Masters of Political Thought vol no 2 W T Jones
6B-248 Masters of Political Thought vol no 3 Lane W Lancaster
3B-47 Men Without Faces Louis Budenz
6B-277 Mission to Moscow Joseph E Davies
1K-230 Modern Fascism Gene Edward Veith, Jr
2PA-9 Myth of Détente Congressional Record
3CA-240 Nation States Party States and International Law Gray Dorsey
4K-65 New Programof the communist party usa CPUSA
4NWC-43 New Soviet Left Party Founded Carl Bloice
7JA-32 NSP Spiritual Activism Training sponosored by Tikkun Cat zavis
3CA-4 NSP: Call To Renewal Information Digest
7JA-3 NSP: contact list Michael Lehner
3P-210 Odyssey of a Fellow Traveler J.B. Matthews
4MCA-51 On the state and government some ideological questions
3PA-16 Operation Suicide Those Strange Bridges to Communism Eugene Lyons
4CA-103 Out of Indo China Our goals for 1971 and how to win them Gus Hall
8CA-13 Outcome Based Education Ron Sunseri
7JA-31 page 1 NSP2005 conference summary Ben
4PA-12 Party Organizer Central Committee CPUSA
3S-62 Paul’s Master set Role of the Communist Press
4NW-30 Peoples Daily World
4MA-21 Political Affairs
4M-69 Political Affairs Dec 1976
4CA-71 Political Affairs letter affirming their legitimate voice of Marxixm-Leninism in the United States. Joe Sims
4MCA-52 Political Independence in the 1986 elections
4JA-56 Program of the communist party 1936
4K-278 Program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 22nd Congress of the CPSU
4MCA-17 Propoganda in the Battle for mens minds Arnold Lockshin
3B-244 Protracted Conflict A challenging study of communist strategy
4P-285 Racism and Reaction in the United States: Two Marxian Studies Bettina Aptheker & Herbert Aptheker
4JA-241 Red scare McArthys influence on the 1950 Elections  Adolf J Berinsky
3BA-20 Red Spies in the UN Pierre J. Huss & George Carpozi, Jr.
3K-60 Red Star Rising Cliff Kincaid
4CA-63 Role of the Communist Party
3K-238 Scorpions in a Bottle Dangerous Ideas about the United State and the Soviet Union
3K-242 Security and the Middle East Freda Kirchway, President
3K-231 Seeds of Anarchy a study of campus revolution
3K-225 Seeds of Treason Ra;[j de Tp;edamp
4K-268 Social Imperalism the Soviet Union Today Soviet Ground Forces In Europe Reprints from the Peking Review
4K-41 Social Movements and political powers Carl Boggs
3JA-235 Socialism an economic and sociological analysis Ludwig von Mises
4PA-11 Socialism Reloaded Renato Rebelo
3B-258 Socialism The Grand Delusion Brian Crozier & Arthur Seldon
4K-104 Socialist Revolution #29 City worksers on strike
3PA-6 Soviet Active Measures & Propaganda Herbert Romerstein
3B-243 Soviet Global Strategy William R Kintner
8MC-49 Statehod for DC Maurice Jackson
8B-36 Strategy for a Black America Henry Winston
3K-215 Surviving the PC University
3K-262 Target America the influence of Communist Propagand on US Media James L Tyson
2PA-66 Terroristic Acitivity Testimony of Dr. Frederick C. Schwarz Committee on the Judiciary US Senate
3P-53 The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards Michael Goodwin
3K-29 The abolistionists
8K-257 The Athletic Revolution Jack Scott
4K-67 The Big Stakes of Detente Gus Hall
3K-221 The Captive Mind Czeslaw Milosz
3P-206 The Case for Security Frank J McNamara
4K-208 The Challenges of our time Disarmament and social progress Highlights 27th congress CPUSA
3K-75 The Chinese Communist System of Reform Through Labor Cheng Shu-ping
3JA-239 The Communist Attack on the Police W Cleon Skousen
3K-239 The Communist Attack on the Police W Cleon Skousen
4P-23 The Communist Party & How it works CPUSA
3P-14 The Communitarian Riddle Stephanie Block
3K-211 The Frolik Defection Josef Frolik
3CA-235 The Historical Signifcance of Modern Socialism Ludwig von Mises
3K-212 The Intelligent Students Guide To Survival Phillip Abbot Luce and Douglas Hyde
8K-217 The LeftAcademy Marxist Scholarship on American Campuses
3K-263 The Modern Conservative and the Liberal Image Maurice W Brainard
6B-259 The New Class An Analysis of the Communist System Milovan Djilas
8K-227 the new radicalism anarchist or marxist Gil Green
3B-251 The Ordeal of Otto Otepka William J Gill
4PA-24 The Path To Revolution The Communist Program Gus Hall
1K-261 The Plot Against Christianity Elizabeth Dilling
4MCA-50 The post election struggle for political independence James Steele
4MA-69.2 The Propaganda War and our press Mike Zagarell
7JA-34 The Religious Left is Back Michael Lerner
1P-68 The Review of the News Dr. John Richardson
4P-274 The Rights of Factory and Office Trade Union Committees
3JA-237 The Road to Socialism John T Flynn
3K-237 The Road to Socialism John T Flynn
4PA-15 The Road To Socialism in Canada CPUSA
7K-219 The Roots of Coincidence An Excursion into parapsychology Arthur Koestler
3B-245 The Russian Revolution 1917 Alan Moorehead
3B-26 The Struggle for The World James Burnham
3B-57 The Techniques of Communism Louis Budenz
3B-250 The Three Faces of Revolution Fred Schwarz
4K-39 The two revolutions Carl Boggs
3K-224 The War for the World Major Gen Thomas A Lane
3B-27 The Whole of their Lives Benjamin Gitlow
6B-46 Thunder out of China Theodore H White &

Annalee Jacoby

4NWA-30.9 Time to build a new mass movement for a peace economy John Bachtell
4P-284 Toward Chicano Liberation the commun ist party position 20th Natl convention CPUSA
4P-282 Toward Unity Against World Imperialism Gus Hall
2K-2 Trotskyite Terrorist International SubCommittee of the Judiciary
4PA-22 Viva La Raza CPUSA
3B-253 Waking Up The Giant Stephen T Possony
3B-255 Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution Antony C Sutton
8K-213 We Charge Genocide
4P-110 What the Reds say today Gus Hall
4PH-110 What the Reds say today Gus Hall
3K-236 What you have at stake in the 1984 Elections Guy Vander Jagt
8K-108 Where are Trotskyites Leading the Youth? Mikhail Basmanov
4K-207 Working Class USA The power of the movement Gus Hall
1B-254 You Can Change The World James Keller
3B-25 You Can Trust The Communists Fred Schwarz
4NDC-54 Zhirinovskys party called KGB prop